Does anyone know if FSG has protein in it? I was reading the UK curly thread about it and they were talking about it having protein.
Does anyone who is protein sensitive use it regularly with non bad affects?
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I'm not sure about whether or not flax contains natural proteins. However, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way of adding protein, as it seems impossible to give my hair too much.

While I'm on the topic, does anyone have advice about preservatives? I've been using citric acid, but it doesn't seem to be preserving it any longer than without. Am I not adding enough (using about 1/2 tsp per 6 oz batch of FSG)? Is grapefruit seed extract better? Thoughts and ideas? (:
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I like to add hydrolyzed proteins to my FSG. Here are few good websites that sell them.

These websites also sell preservatives that can be added to FSG. If you choose to use them, please read up on how to use them safely. Very small amounts are used! I use Liquid Germall Plus in mine at .5%.
I've never used grapefruit seed extract, so I can't offer advise on that. I do use citric acid in mine, but just a pinch to adjust the pH. Citric acid is not enough of a preservative to keep nasty stuff from growing in your gel on its own. Keep you FSG in the fridge until you decide if you want to try a stronger preservative.
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