Yeah, I love cloves and think it's an underrated spice, but it's very strong and it seems a bit wintry for a summery soup.

Okay, this buttermilk is out of this world amazing. It's nothing like store-bought buttermilk, which is made strictly from skim milk. This stuff is so thick it was hard to pour. And the flavor! I actually used a bit too much at first as I was mixing the dressing. But a bit more of the mayo I made, and it was a perfect balance. Now this Ranch dressing is something I want to dip everything into!
I can't wait to use this for other things.
Biscuits, buttermilk waffles, a buttermilk pie, a blackberry buttermilk bundt cake, buttermilk-vanilla pastry cream. It's tough!

The other day we had a VIP ask for ranch dressing at work. J turned to me and asked me if I knew how to make it, and I said I did, so I whipped up a batch in basically two minutes. It was fine, but rushed and not as good as what I used to make at a previous job. J said it was thin, and I said that's to do with not having any weird stabilizers and gums, as even the one I used to make wasn't as thick as the bottled stuff. Well, this stuff is thick! It's like out of the bottle, but with no crap ingredients. It's sooooooo good! I wish you could taste it, Jeep.

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