I second the suggestion of the GVP!
I had mine for three years, and it worked WAY BETTER than the CHI I had previously. Plus mine came in a really cool color pattern.
In the way of how much damage it does, I can't really say because I knew nothing about caring for my curls before about a week ago! All I knew was that the 400 something degree GVP ceramic drastically reduced my straightening time!

Probably the biggest drawback is that mine just stopped working a week and a half ago. (Pretty much the reason I went CG!)
My routine:
  • Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
  • Rinse Out: Suave Coconut & Honey
  • Cold Water Rinse
  • Leave-In: Suave Naturals Coconut
  • Scrunch in a dab of olive oil
  • Gel: Herbal Essence Set Me Up
  • Plop for 45 min. to an hour
  • Clip and air dry
  • When nearly dry, pineapple for a few minutes, then SOTC
I'm just a 3a/3b curly teen trying to manage the crazy humidity in MS!