I do want suggestions! Thanks

I bought a shampoo that I thought was sulfate free, but I looked back over the ingredients and it has sulfates that are supposed to be milder than the regular ones used in shampoos....is it okay to use or should i ditch it?
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Well sulfates in general are harsh and drying, so you want to try and stay away from them.

And as far as shampoo suggestions, if there's a Whole Foods near you, I highly suggest the "Whole Foods 365" organic shampoo! For whatever reason, it's about $2.50 a bottle (same as sulfate-filled shampoo) and it works great! This is the least expensive option I've found so far. If you want to venture into more expensive products, you can try Mop c-curl, Deva, etc.

Oh oh! And if Whole Foods is too far away or something, Target has an organic line called Giovanni that's aweeesome as well it's a little more expensive, like $8, but it's awesome too!
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