Organic Aloe Vera Spritz (Special Blends Island Patchouli)
Light, pleasant tropical scent. Iím still enjoying the scent the next day after application and people keep complimenting me on how good I smell. This product worked great on my twist out. Since I have thick hair I used about ĺ worth of the sample size while putting in the double strand twists. I really like this product!
Organic Aloe Vera Spritz (Peppermint)
Like above but the strong pepermint scent opens the sinuses as an added bonus.
Grow My Hair Butter
This product smells like peppermint. But, the scent is very mild when applied to the hair. It gently tingles the skin when applied directly to the scalp (you donít want to run your eyes with the product on your hands. I made that mistake.). It adds a nice amount of sheen. A little goes a long way. After spraying my hair with the Organic Aloe Vera Spritz, I applied a small amount of Grow My Hair Butter to each section of hair before twisting it overnight. My twist out came out super cute the next morning.