I got my hair colored today. I'll have to post pics. I need hubby to take them in good light but I'll get them up. I''m happy with it. She took it back to my natural color and added suttle highlights to make curls pop. It looks very nice and natural. I had it done by the lady who cut my hair trained under Lorraine.
And of course I walked out with product! I'm such a PJ!!!! ARG.
I bought a big bottle of devacare no poo from her last time and I didn't like it and I asked her if she did trades or exchanges and she said no. I had the bottle with me (just in case) in my purse. I didn't tell her I had it with me. After she was done I asked her if maybe she could use the no poo and she said, "oh yes." She then said, "how much do you have left?" I took the bottle out of my purse and she laughed and said, "you didn't use any??" I said I don't need much of anything for my hair and that I used some twice.
She felt sorry for me because I was almost on the floor begging.
She said she'd trade me for a bottle of low poo -- so I took the deal.
I also bought a bottle of angell and mr. right.
Arc angell didn't work for me. It made my hair dry and I didn't need the kind of hold it gave. But maybe it'll work in the summer months???
She kind of talked me into mr. right spray. She said it really bounced her curls on second day hair. So, I caved.
She said I might like pureology condish. Has anyone used that? If so, tell me more....
I'll have to look it up and see what the ingredients are.
Has anyone used Mr. Right spray and liked it ok? I really didn't like how my hair turned out style wish after she was done. But I feel she put too much product in. Most everyone (even curly experts) don't believe me when I tell them "I only need a tiny amount of product. No matter what it is." If you add too much, even if it's non-weighing down, it WILL weigh my hair down.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b