Does the aloe Vera juice make it more moisturizing? I've been putting aloe gel in my fsg and it seems to be drying almost. I'm also curious about the dead sea salt, seems to be a strange ingredient to me lol. Right now my fsg has agave nectar and rose oil, but I want to see what other goodies I can add to it.
3a/3b Protein sensitive
Lo-Poo: MOP-C Hydration
Co-wash TJ's tea tree, suave
Conditioners: Yes to Cucumbers, TIGI Moisture Maniac
DT:Ion reconstructor
Leave-in: Giovanni DLI, Any of my other conditioners.
Stylers: FSG!, Curl Keeper, HETT mousse, CJ CIAB, Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel, L'oreal Studio Silky Curls Gel, Deva Set it Free
I diffuse and use CHS roller jaw clips
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