Not to guano this thread or anything, but have you considered Qhemet Biologics or Mozeke? Check out their sites when you have time.
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I've tried QB and I fell in love with the CTDG but it doesn't provide lasting moisture. The BRBC left my hair feeling producty but that may have been because I was a bit heavy handed with it. I've never heard of Mozeke though so I'm definitely gonna check out their site. My hair is coarse and has a low porosity so I've yet to find a leave in or moisturizer that actually does exactly what it says and lasts more then 20 mins. I was looking forward to trying the Bee Mine products but I guess the smart thing to do would be to skip it.
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I'm coarse and low porosity as well. The whole issue is that our shafts are closed down so it difficult for moisture to get into our hair so that when we moisturize (seal) with things like QB, etc there's really no moisture for these products to lock in. The solution is revising your conditioner regimen, particularly your leave-in's to give you enough hydration so that when you do moisturize it can do its job which is to prevent moisture loss via evaporation.

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