I'm coarse and low porosity as well. The whole issue is that our shafts are closed down so it difficult for moisture to get into our hair so that when we moisturize (seal) with things like QB, etc there's really no moisture for these products to lock in. The solution is revising your conditioner regimen, particularly your leave-in's to give you enough hydration so that when you do moisturize it can do its job which is to prevent moisture loss via evaporation.

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Yes I've been trying to figure out a way to make the moisture I get when my hair is wet, actually last long enough for me to seal it in but it's not working out so well since I'm new to being natural and only things I know are the basics. My hair always ends up feeling nice for a couple of hours then it just reverts back to the way it was.

Interesting. My daughters hair typically likes heavier products but the BM products work great on her hair. I haven't tried them yet on her hair when it's down and out though...only on styles. I say if you really want to try it go for the sample. I'm not sure how much the moisturizer same is, maybe $5? Then again you would have to pay shipping as well. Hmm.
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I was reading your blog and saw how gorgeous her hair looked with the Bee Mine products and that's what gave me such high hopes. And when I saw that they were having a sale I practically flew to the site but decided to check here first. My inner PJ is still debating on whether or not I should give it a try.
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I say do it because sales are few and far between and this is really the time to try stuff when you don't have to pay full price.

I've found that in terms of moisture, my hair thrives on more natural products. Shescenti and Curl Junkie (mostly natural) in particular have really brought my hair into balance and I don't have moisture issues anymore.
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