This is one of my favorite products, and the only Deva product I still use. I spray it on my hand, smooth it over the canopy, spray more on my hand, and scrunch up my curls. I sometimes also use it to massage the roots and get a little more volume. I don't spray it directly on my hair, because it makes it look producty and you can see the droplets of wax :b Here is what I use it for:

- Second day hair - still the best 2nd day hair product I've tried (much better than Mist-er Right, which just feels like I'm spraying water on my hair)
- Lazy days - when you don't want to spend time styling your hair with gel, but you still want it to look presentable This is probably best for 2B-3A hair that can go without being styled with gel.
- Touch ups - I carry a mini bottle in my backpack at work. Since I work in the hospital, after a day of wearing a scrub cap this is good for ruffling the roots and re-defining waves/curls.
- My stylist recommended using it under gel as an additional anti-frizz measure. I haven't seen much of a difference, but it may work for some people.

I am still looking for a replacement though, because I really really hate the smell. It is also a little bit sticky which may put off some people.
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