Actually yes, throughout my life
I have 4 a 4b textured hair

Age 6, grade 1 my hair was really long, reached armpit length in 2 braids, thats the way my mom did my hair a lot when I was little. One day i requested to have my hair let out in 2 pigtails and wore my hair to school in 2 pigtails.
That day this boy in my class made a comment about me looking like a crazy girl or something. That made me not wear my hair out again until it was relaxed when I got older

Recently last year i just finished transitioning to natural hair. for an project in school, i had to bring in a picture of myself, i used the first, most recent picture i could find and brought it (photo taken with relaxed hair), this girl looks at it and says i looked way better in the picture.

then later this year when grad pictures are being taken, some kids are talking about getting their pictures taken, and the photographer and all that stuff, 1 girl mentions that she wore that graduation cap, you know the square one, but other people say that the photographer didn't show it to them, I mentioned that I thought it would be sort of fun to wear one of those hats in the photo. The girl responds, why your hair is already weird looking enough.