thanks Delma

well in those photos I'd used Jessicurl Aloeba so yes, but my main conditioner - Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - has a different formula in the US i think, and it's not CG friendly. But the UK version is ace for my hair

The cream styler I use is discontinued but I bought 5 bottles of it when they were 1 each. The gel might be available: Wella Back to Basics Green Tea Gel. I got it from Sallys so its a possibility.

And I dont think the sulfate shampoo I use is - Original Source is a UK brand I think.

Its really hard for the UK curlies to find good products, and its ironic they're not available in the US!

Oh and i used to use/sometimes still use Umberto Gianini Curl friends scrunching jelly. I think thats available in the US but under a slightly different name (its pink in a see through bottle.) It has alcohol denat. but does give great hold and spirals.
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Thanks for all the info!