My daughter is bi-racial and I'm always tinkering with her hair. I think a great product line to start with to keep things simple is Kinky Curly. You can buy it at Whole Foods or here on Curl Mart. If you start with Come Clean Shampoo, Knot Today Conditioner as a leave in, and Curling Custard you will likely love the results.

It is NOT GREASY at all. Very healthy for your hair. Now, what I've done for a long time is use a different conditioner to rinse out (GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm from Sally's) and it works well with that line.

I've recently started all over with Hannah's hair because of summer, but Kinky Curly is a great place to start.
Living vicariously through my daughters hair
4 years old, bi-racial, 3b-3c hair

Cleanse- KCCC, Deva No Poo, Tres Semme Naturals, Joico K-pak (once in a while)

Condish- Matrix Conditioning Balm, sometimes with honey and/or AVG

DT- Joico K-pak or Coco Nut Oil mixed with Conditioner

Leave in- KCKT or Matrix Conditioning Balm

Stylers- Arc Angel, Set it Free, B-leave in, KC Tiny Twirls, KC Spiral Spritz, FSG, KCCC