I take the GNC Ultra NourishHair.. i dont take an extra multi vitamin cuz the nourisher has everything i need for my hair and body , if u take too much of vitamins u can overdose too much like on Vit A, etc..so far my hair is shiny and strong with these and i get the 2 month supply which is cheap , about $10 and some change.. i onll take 1 a day instead of 2 a day.
Modified CG-Use Low Poo
Use Suaves & VO5 Condish For CG-Honey+ Condish=My curls are loving it!
*Suave gels ( love crunchy gels )*My HGs-Re:coil, Jessicurls , Boots , Loreal Spiral Curl Mousse, Tigi Amp*

*~Show Your True Beauty Cuz Curls Rock!~*