I was hoping you can give me some advise. I have 3b blonde hair that is thinning fast-especially at my hair line temples area. I have went to the dermatologist and she told me it is due to stress (I recently had a baby and my husband lost his job so we are having major $ issues-well you get the picture). She recommended Rogaine for Women and Biotin vitamin; which I am going to start this weekend. However right now my hair is medium length (front -just past my shoulder blades and the back is at my bra strap), I have longer layers in it and like you said I don't think they were done correctly cause the ends look straggly. I want to get my hair cut shorter to get it looking better and hopefully fuller (I also figure that if the ends aren't straggly it won't get tangled as much and I won't end up pulling more out when I comb it). What kind of hair cut would you recommend and what should I tell my hair stylist when I get there? Any advise you can give me would be great. I have always worn my hair longer cause the shorter it is the curlier it is. Please any help or advise would be great. I am 31years old and extremely self consious about my thinning hair.