i got one done about 4-5 weeks ago. i have 3b curls, some places are 3a, but in the summer they become pretty tight due to humidity. i love how shiny & soft & long my hair is with the bkt, but i miss my curls. in the past week i have went into the ocean, pool, jacuzzi with my hair in order for it to lose some keratin. i also have been washing with lush's BIG, which is shampoo with course sea salt & sea water. i heard henna makes the hair lose some, so i did that too. i usually never wash my hair, but i want my curly hair back. i am bored with this now. after my henna, which i just did, it still was drying straight with a little wave, which is better than what it was doing, pin straight. i took out some gel & scrunched it. it actually began to curl in the formation that it used to. i think that my curls should be coming back soon. i will back off a couple of days, because it has been in such drying things, but next week i will be using table salt & many-a-sodium chloride products!