I was doing this a lot during the winter and was really liking the results. I don't remember why I stopped....probably because I was experimenting with tons of new stuff...lol. Anyway, my faves were jojoba oil, camellia oil and coconut oil. I am going to start doing this again. I was applying it before any products including my leave-in. HTH.
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I have never heard of this, I'll have to try it sometime! Kellygreen, coconut oil does weigh down my very fine hair, if you get the same result try Sweet Almond Oil, my hair loves it
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the way I seal is this: (and by the way, i'm 3a-b, with fine to medium hair)
After having conditioned in the shower, I rake in my leave-in. Then, I take a dab of coconut oil and smooth in the ends of my hair. After, I apply gel. It works great for me! It keeps the hair from frizzing up at the ends. Also, I've noticed I don't get knots at the ends of my hair when doing this. You should try it!
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So to clarify, would you use this instead of leave in conditioner? Or right after your leave-in, but before gel?
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My hair also prefers sweet almond oil over coconut oil. If I "seal" my hair, I usually use the oil before any leave-in or other styling product. Having said that, in the past I've used oil in many different phases of my routine and in the end it all pretty much looks the same as long as I don't use too much oil. I think its just a matter of when you want to put it in.
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Well, I guess I have to try sweet almond oil. Thanks everyone for the good ideas. Happy hair days to all!
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