I just want to say being mixed, my mama never let me get one until I was 14 and being a stupid conforming teenager. Let me just say I know other mixed children who's parents have put relaxers in their hair...it doesn't make it easier.

1. It will cost more, getting her hair done all the time...she's a little kid, she going to want to run around and play and come in the house smelling like a puppy and swim etc.

2. Its very damaging, my cousin is 12 and her mom got her a relaxer a while ago, and you can already see her hair is damaged, I mean from the scalp there are bald spots ...

3. Don't hate your daughters hair, she was born with it, you can hate her boyfriend in the future but something that God gave her naturally, you hating it, is going to make her hate it more. Don't ruin her self esteem.

Doing her hair doesn't have to be complicated at all, it takes me 10 minutes to do mine...wait I lied. It takes me 3 minutes to do mine once I get out of the shower, I'm just saying. Believe me if it took any longer I'd get a relaxer because I have no patience AT ALL.