Mm. This is the first good hair day in awhile.
My hair is mostly 2b/c with a few chunks of 3a in the front. I blow dry my bangs everyday, and I'm not on CG. I tried it and there was just WAY too much moisture.

I've just been learning that I need to just simplify my routine alot, because my hair really isn't that dry.
All I did was use Suave's Healthy Curls Shampoo and Conditioner, come some Garnier Sleek and Shine Leave In into wet hair, scrunched a little Suave Anti-Frizz gel, sprayed some salt water in, and I was done! I actually end up having some good wave and curl pattern today, but I'm thinking that was because it's raining right now. I had minimum frizz, and that was good too :]

I know this might have been kind of boring, but I just had a an urge to share this with you :]