I'm mixed too - my mom is Asian and my dad is white. And this DID affect my hair a little -- I have very thick strands (thanks to mom), and 2c/3a curls (from my dad).
Although my hair's doom came from my mom brushing my hair all the way through my childhood. She treated my hair like her own, which I don't blame her for. I actually got so used to her pulling and tugging on my hair when I was young that to this day, pulling my hair doesn't hurt anymore.
So, yeah, I agree -- it's not really the fact that we're bi-racial, it's the fact that it ends in people that are close to us not understanding our curls.
Meet Chelsea: a curly-haired (type 2c/3a and very porous), half-Japanese 18-year-old with a lot on her mind.
Just beginning to embrace the curls!
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