Probably wouldn't hurt to take an OTC thyroid supplement. Other things that affect hair are vitamin D and iron, if you are not getting enough. What are you doing to release/relieve the stress? Finding some peace/relaxation would be best.
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I've started taking Sea Kelp, Iodine. Will that help? DO you think?

I'm seeing a counsellor and we're working on my stress levels. I think I'll go swimming today, that usually makes me feel relaxed.

B Complex supplements are supposed to help with the impact of stress on the body. For the past few years, I was taking B Complex at a certain time of year when I was very stressed at work. Noticed my hairloss reduced by almost half on wash days (when I lose the most hair). I now take a lower dose B Complex all year long and still see the reduced hair loss.
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How much B Complex were you taking? I might look into that.
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