Hello all...complete and total guano here...I apologize in advance.....if you prefer, you can send me an answer via PM so I won't hijack the thread.

I bought a silk sari via Ebay, and it is sooooo stiff. Is there ANY way at all I can get this stiffness out? I think the previous owner wore it for only a few hours and then had it dry-cleaned. Where, I don't know. She lives here in the U.S.

I'm not Indian and not a seasoned sari-wearer, so my confidence is pretty low that I can maneuver this sort of fabric. I had to return a Tussar silk one via Ebay because I just couldn't put it on, and it was so much hassle (plus this one is so much prettier)....I'm hoping to avoid that.

Even some softening would be better than none. This is all my fault--I was blinded by its beauty and so thrilled to find one with a matching blouse that actually fit me, I completely overlooked the fabric type. I usually stay away from the 100% silk ones.

Any, ANY advice at all would be much appreciated.