I love our freedom.
Unfortunately many abuse that freedom too commonly and go incredibly wild with it.
I also love the opportunity of good higher education.
And the opportunity to go and live wherever you want to.
I also love the freedom to come together REGARDLESS of race and just get along (maybe even marry lol)
~God bless America, yes it may have its faults, however there are a lot of people in other countries who could only dream about the things we take for granted daily, and that's something I think we all should realize time to time. It'll help u appreciate what we have, rather than be spoiled and complain about the things we don't.

Naturally coily, 4a when wet, 4a and 4b when dry and loving it. Low porosity, Medium-High Density, Coarse/Thick textured
It's my hair and if people don't approve they should take it up with the creator, not the creation. : )