Stress can wreak havoc on us emotionally and physically.
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Stress Management

I've been dealing with adrenal exhaustion/fatigue and hypothyroidism for a while now. thankfully, I have a great doctor who doesn't just rely on standard blood testing.
These sites will give you so much info and will also tell you which supplements are good for treating these problems. I've purchased (online and at a health food store) a few supplements by Fatigued to Fantastic and really like them. It's cheaper too than purchasing individual supplements.

The adrenal gland is your body’s stress handler and can
get exhausted with chronic stress. Nevertheless, until it is so damaged that it can actually kill you, blood tests will be normal.

Thyroid: Just because your bloodwork showed your levels were normal, that does not mean your thyroid isn't under producing. Many doctors believe the TSH is not reliable.
If you have symptoms of an underactive thyroid, it needs to be investigated further.

Lastly, make sure your diet is balanced. Many times when we're stressed, we're not eating properly. Make sure you're getting enough protein.

Take care