My BKT hadn't "grown out" but due to the use of products containing salt, and yes, I went into the ocean and got my hair a little wet, my hair, when curly, was really really frizzy...i guess it was "wearing off," however, when straight it looked great, but definately more poofy than before my salt anyhoo... I couldn't stand the sight of it! my curls are still pretty loose, but the frizz was killing me! So...i did something crazy...ready? I was going to order the coppola system on folica, but my local beauty supply store was selling a 8 ounce bottle. I checked with the company and it was i spent $200 bucks, i paid cash, so no tax, but I'm pretty sure you can get it cheaper on applied the product as directed, but mostly in the frizzier section...and left the sections others alone. I didn't do 10 passes, because i wasn't looking to straighten my hair, and washed after 48 hours...and totally used a clip and pony tail holder occassionaly during those 48 hours..the result? My curls are now frizz free! Now...I'm not telling anyone to do this themselves, but if you can flat iron your own hair, you can do this yourself...the fumes bugged me a little, but since I only used like.75 ounce AND made sure to keep the fan going, I didn't have major issues. I did this because, we're having a major heat wave in the northeast, and straight hair is not the thing for me right now. I needed my manageable curls back, and here they are. I know I sound kind of crazy, but I'm glad I did it. From now on I'm doing all of my Coppola treatments at home. I have 7 ounces left, and this should last me at least a year and save me HUNDREDS!