I am a curly newbie! At 39, I guess I've realized I have wavy hair, but I feel like a wavy impostor. I have fine hair but TONS of it. I know as a child in the 70's, my hair always looked poofy in photos, even when it was long. When I hit my jr. high years, I started getting perms because it was the 80s and that's what girls did. I (like a few others) would perm it with itty bitty rods and everyone thought my hair was naturally curly.

Flash forward to a few years ago... my hair was relatively short and I decided I wanted to go from naturally very dark brown to auburn. When the stylist started styling my hair, he rubbed some cream on it and pulled out a diffuser. By the end of the appointment, I had curly hair. I was totally confused, but would have felt like an idiot to ask how he made that magic happen. I could never replicate what he did. But, it made me wonder what my hair texture really was.

My normal routine for YEARS has been to wrap it up in a towel, rub leave-ins and defrizzers in it, blow dry, and periodically flat iron. If I don't blow it dry, it just looks crazy with insane ends sticking out everywhere. Last week, after washing, I decided to scrunch and use some product and let it mainly air dry. Voila! Wave! It's not strong wave. It's curly on the underside (hairline), wavy in the middle, and then the top is loose wave with some straight pieces. Some areas have some strong wave in the middle, but then straight ends.

I am still new to all of the terminology (co-washing, ice queen method, etc) but I am learning. I've not yet plopped and I am trying to figure out how to explain the parade of hair products that will inevitably wind up in our shower to my husband.

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