Have you tried the Cherry Lola Treatment. It is yogurt, baking soda (use red mills), and braggs amino. When I do it I wash my hair, put in the treatment, later rinse with a vinegar rinse (there is a acid in vinegar that helps antioxidants bind) and then use a deep conditioner in which I add honey. Then I wash all that junk out. I also heard that cassia treatments are great. I am thinking of trying them out. I know henna works, but I would not use it because I love my natural highlights and that would change it. Also, be careful if you use henna and have chemical treatment in my hair. If it is colored, relaxed or permed (curly). Only on the professional grade products they tell you to not use henna and my hair stylist freaked out on my one day when she thought I had used it in my hair (backed then I relaxed). I also have seen how using even just hair dye and then later henna damages a person's hair. One of my Indian girl friend did that and she had to get her stuff chopped off from the breakage.