For the sleekest look, blow dry your hair straight with a rounded brush (this does take some skill, though). And then go over it with the flat iron. Apply lots of anti-frizz serum.

If I ever get my scanner to work, I'll post my graduation pic in my photo album. My mom did my hair and it looks very straight.
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That doesn't work for everyone. Blow drying makes my hair impossible! It gets hard and flyaway and looks dry and brittle and the ends look awful, and no amount of pressing or product can fix it. It's worth a shot though, because it works really well for some folk. For me, much better than blowdrying is to try to get hair as straight as possible when really wet with a fine toothed comb and tension, then wrap or band or bun it till it dries and tie a satin scarf over it (even if that takes a day or two - you can speed it up with a hooded drier) and then have it pressed after it is already somewhat stretched that way.
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