I'm mixed black jamaican and white british and dutch-irish and its so hard to find the right balance in dealing with my hair.
Sometimes it needs moisture sometimes it need protein and sometimes its in protein overload
i looked to youtube to try and find a mixed hair guru that cares about being natural and doesn't constantly straighten their hair but its so hard! The amount is shockingly small!
so i decided to start my own Youtube channel despite being painfully camera shy (lol) and see if I can help anyone like me becuase i've noticed hair-tubers really band together and all suppost each other so its been helpful so far.
If anyone wants to check out my channel i'll post the link. I got by the user oOxCaramelxOo


I'd really appreciate any feedback and support I really wana help people but record my journey in finding out new things when it comes to mixed raced hair!

I live in the UK and I haven't found one biracial hair salon. I would always go to the black hair salons but it always comes out greasy and straight because they are sure how to style the curls unless its with heat. I've found the same with white hair salons, they cut my hair like it isn't curly and it ends up looking like a mushroom, and don't put enough product in it so it comes out extra fluffy....
So for now i've totally given up on over people trying to style my hair. I cut my own hair, style my own hair, colour my own hair even did a Brazilian Keratin Treatment myself...

Any other curlies know where im coming from??
Youtube User: oOxCaramelxOo


'Do Not Let Life Dictate Its Self To You.. It Is What You Make Of It'

Length of time natural: 1 year
Hair Type: Mixture of 3a,3b and 3c curls
Hair Length before natural: Above Shoulder
Hair Length Now: Arm Pit Length
Hair Length Goal: Below Chest/Mid Back