You. Are. Wrong.

Get over yourself, man. Alcohol-fueled denial and repression and anger does not = strength. You're more fragile than anyone I know.

Only two year olds lash out like that at other people. Are you two years old?

I suppose I am stupid for caring about people, stupid for trying to comfort them and settle disputes before they turn into big friendship-destroying deathmatches. Stupid for hurting, stupid for privately discussing the hurt with other people I trust. To you this is 'passive aggressive.' To me it's simply gathering my thoughts before I approach you again.

Yeah, I put you on notice. I thought that was a term you'd understand...notice I only did that AFTER you screamed at me over IM. AFTER I'd had enough of you and your ********. AFTER I'd decided that talking to you was an utter waste of time. AFTER I'd decided that I really didn't give a flying **** what your reaction was. If you're so ****ing smart, I'm sure you know what true passive-aggressive behaviour is...

I liked you, but I don't wanna be like you. I don't need your approval, I don't need your grudging concern. I don't need to agree with you on everything to be a good, intelligent person. I don't need to hate the things you hate, I don't need to love the things you love, I don't need to anticipate your every mood and walk on eggshells around you, I don't need to be a sponge for your misdirected aggression about Life.

That's not in the job description for a friend, and you know it.

Throw all the fits you want in your posh little fortress - I'm not there anymore.

I'll be somewhere else, with people who like me as-is, all scratches and dents and wonky transmission, and I'll be happy.

Enjoy your fortress. It'll be all you have left when the last of your friends finally get sick of your **** and leave.

I like having something "down below"
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What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
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don't click this. seriously.