I have had a problem with applying too much gel to my hair thinking that it was the only way to insure that my hair would not go frizzy. I was hoping that this would always give great definition, which it did, but I couldn't stand the crunchy appearance that my hair would have for hours while it dried. Well, last week I dared myself to put in very little and see what would happen. Not only did my hair dry much faster, but it looked fantastic. If I get a little bit of frizz I just spray in some Set it Free and it takes care of it completely.

I have been thinking for the last few years that gel might be the cause of some breakage with my hair. It just makes it so stiff, and then when you go to scrunch it out I was thinking it might break it a bit. I'm so glad that I finally got up the nerve to try using less.[/b]
3B, Fine, Low Porosity, & High Hair Density