there aren't that many Indian girls with curly hair. the few of them who do have curly hair..well ud probably never see their curls because they comb they're hair until its a huge poof and then put a whole bottle of coconut oil in it and then braid it. (i kno this because my mom used to do this to me everyday wen i was little and i rmr crying so hard cuz i had alot of knots n shed pull the brush so hard through them)most indian gurls have straight hair, im Indian and im the only one i kno with curly hair except for my dad but he doesn't like it and he combed it so much that its basically straight now. i think curly hair is so much more interesting than straight hair cuz its different for everyone. i wish id see more indian girls with curly hair..i dunno if this really belongs in "hall of shame" but i jus felt like sharing...
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Everything you said is so true haha. I'm indian with 3a curls
3a hair

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