I have both Native American and German ancestry, but it goes back to my great grandparents and farther. So, essentially I'm Caucasian.

In my entire family there's only one other true curly. With absolutely no guidance, I got my 3b curls chemically straightened (with tons of comments from the hair stylist that I "just had to be mixed" because my hair "looked just like [her] half white/half black daughter."

I get comments like that often. People think I'm Mexican, mixed, or Asian (when my hair is straight).

I have to agree that it's not just biracial hair that people can't deal with. It's our difficult, but wonderful curls!
My routine:
  • Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
  • Rinse Out: Suave Coconut & Honey
  • Cold Water Rinse
  • Leave-In: Suave Naturals Coconut
  • Scrunch in a dab of olive oil
  • Gel: Herbal Essence Set Me Up
  • Plop for 45 min. to an hour
  • Clip and air dry
  • When nearly dry, pineapple for a few minutes, then SOTC
I'm just a 3a/3b curly teen trying to manage the crazy humidity in MS!