If you look good in them, why not wear them? I think it IS valuing yourself to have confidence that you look good and feel good and can be yourself. It's not valuing yourself to hide your assets and try to be inconspicuous.

There is a middle ground between inconspicuous and tasteless. Bodies have surpassed brains in terms of value for many women. It does not empower women to be praised only for their beauty and bodies. It devalues them, and it devalues women as a group.
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So why, pray tell, have you surmised that the OP is tasteless and is devaluing herself by wearing a tube/tank top? Call me dense.
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To follow on from this, you insisted that context was the main reason for your accusation of whore-ish dressing. When Amneris pointed out that there was no real context, you said that knowing that it wasn't for a ball dress was enough context, which really is no context at all.

I entirely agree that any accusation or labelling of whore should, firstly, not be thrown around wildly, and secondly, be based on a complete understanding of character and not on one item of clothing.

So when you demand context, don't think turn round and say the context is rather loose and vague and therefore unimportant.
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I agree with this. I also think we devalue women when we insist on calling each other names like "whore" or "whorish" especially based on something as unimportant as our individual clothing choices.
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