Yeah i hear what your saying living in the UK does present its problems with curly hair..
My hair is completely different to everyone in my family's (we are mixed with Native Taino indian, Indian, white and i have additional indian but we're black caribbeans lol) When they use certain products that they use in their hair it makes my hair heavy and clumpy so i have to do a clarifying wash...hairdressers don't help there are only a few natural hairdressers that are well advertised but they're PRICEY! So i dye, trim, style etc my own hair just waiting fo my hair to get to SL =)
Don't worry someone will revolutionize the hair scene for mixed curlies in the uk hopefully soon!
I gotta 4a, 4b, 3c Mane! Sutn like a lion but i'm rather tamed! ^^