Hi curlies! Been insanely busy with summer school, zumba demos/practice, back to teaching and running *yaya~! appts, parties etc etc.
Anywho, I"ve been getting in lots of zumba (teaching twice a week, subbing some belly dance too) and just started running a few days ago. Feels great to be back running. I recently did a Zumba demo downtown, here's a video http://barefootmamaslifeinanutshell....-on-first.html
I"m going out for a run today and will do an hour of belly dance, subbing for the instructor on MOnday and have to get my bellydance routines down.
Nice job keepig up with the thread and your workouts all!

Wile, any races in your near future? I'm hitting up a 5k (barefoot) on my birthday Aug 7. Arranging a meetup with other MN barefooters, should be fun!
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Oh, mc, I missed this earlier!
Look at you hot momma go! Nice work

No new races. We will be heading out to Jamaica mon Ocho Rios San Souci 8/2 & will be there on our 16th anniv [8/6] ...unfortunately be heading back 8/8, tho FB preseason will be in full force at that point! ..will maybe celebrate your birfday that last nite w/ a Bob Marley...

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