My hair is the same way! My hair is frizzier looking when it is drying than when it is wet and I have noticed that the gel kinda keeps that frizz (from when it dries) after it has dried. If you get what I mean. So gel can in general make my hair look much worse than just a leave in.

I strarted using shea butter in my hair instead of a gel. Kinda like a pomade and it works better. Much less frizz.
And then I always use a leave in. One with Glycerin seems to work the best with frizz for me.
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How are you using the shea butter? Just emulsifying a dab between your hands and scrunching it in? Is it pure shea butter or mixed with anything else?

I bought some and it's very thick, almost hard, though you can make it melt if you rub your hands together.

Frizz Happens!

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