My hair is the same way! My hair is frizzier looking when it is drying than when it is wet and I have noticed that the gel kinda keeps that frizz (from when it dries) after it has dried. If you get what I mean. So gel can in general make my hair look much worse than just a leave in.

I strarted using shea butter in my hair instead of a gel. Kinda like a pomade and it works better. Much less frizz.
And then I always use a leave in. One with Glycerin seems to work the best with frizz for me.
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How are you using the shea butter? Just emulsifying a dab between your hands and scrunching it in? Is it pure shea butter or mixed with anything else?

I bought some and it's very thick, almost hard, though you can make it melt if you rub your hands together.
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It is 100% pure, but possibly "cleaned" some how... It doesn't smell anything heardly. Someone said their pure, untreated Shea Butter smelled kinda bad. Not sure if it depends on brand or not. It doesn't say anything about it being cleaned where I get mine.
It is pretty hard but kinda melts when I rub it between my hands. It gets very soft anyways. Then I just scrunch it in, maybe "rake" just over the halo frizz a little. I seem to have best luck if I just scrunch it in. I use tiny, tiny amount. My hair takes very little product in general though.

I use this one: