I have SD too- I hate it! Was told by my derm to rotate medicated shampoo DAILY (from tar to sal. acid to the stuff in Selsum Blue to possibly even Nizoral- hope I got all those names right). Killer to my hair! I finally protested after a few years of this and cut out all the medicated shampoos period. Switched to John Frieda Root Awakening recently- but I am about to go CG and stop it. Anyway- I started just doing a coconut oil treatment once or twice a week and that seemed to help control it. It's not gone, but much better- even without the medicated shampoo. Didn't seem like the medicated shampoo was doing anything but drying out my hair, anyway.

I'm about to go CG, as mentioned- but I don't know if I can go 100% without shampooing since part of the issue with SD is the OVER production of the oil/ sebaceous glands. My derm told me the worst thing I can do is NOT shampoo everyday. So I ordered Beauty Without Cruelty Rosemary Mint Tea Tree shampoo that I'm going to try to use just once or twice a week (no sulfates/ CG friendly). Supposed to be good for cleaning the scalp. Also read about Apple Cider Vinegar washes for SD, so want to try that as well. Hoping between the BCW poo, coconut oil and ACV, I can keep my SD under control while also keeping my curls from being super dry and frizzy. I guess I'll report back in a few weeks and let everyone know how it's going. Anyone else have any ideas? It's good to know that some people have BETTER results with their SD after going no-poo/ CG.