To start off with: I've never permed/texlaxed/relaxed my hair. I've always just blowdried, straightened, worn braids or worn natural. I'm also about a 4a hair type. School is starting back and I really am trying to grow my hair out and keep it healthy. Unlike most naturals, it's been easier for me to maintain my hair flat ironed than natural ever since a botched trim and breakage from wearing my hair in ponytails too often caused my hair to break off . Now my hair is *about* jaw length unstretched.

I have severe heat damage in the front part of my hair from straightening/blowdrying almost every day without any heat protectant (i know, yikes!). Instead of cutting out the damage, I'm just trying to grow it out. Anyways, this week I'm taking out my braids and I would like to straighten my hair for a length check. I haven't straightened my hair in about 2 months, but I've blowdried about 3 times over the course of two months.

As I have already stated, the front part of my hair has been burned straight and the rest of my hair is VERY dry when it is not wet and without any product. When I wear my hair natural, it can never be moisturized enough. I'm sure it's so dry as a result of using shampoos/conditioners with sulfates, blowdrying etc. but anyways, now I pre-poo with EVOO, wash with Kinky Curly Come Clean and rosemary, detangle and remove shed hairs with with EVOO, and then deep condition (covered with a cap for about an hour) with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose & some other essential oils. I usually use jojoba oil, tea tree oil and shea butter to lock in the moisture after rinsing out the deep conditioner, but my hair always ends up stiff and dry by the end of the day. I can't even get a good braidout without it being dry, stiff and oily! Even when I mist it throughout the day with water and oils, that doesn't help. It just ends up being oily, stiff, and eventually tangled even if after it's been completely detangled. It's so bad that re-twisting/braiding my hair at night is almost useless because it is just too oily and stiff, so I usually will just wash/detangle it with conditioner the next morning and then the irritating process starts all over again. Either that or I'll just wash it an blowdry it and wear it blowdried for the rest of the week. It's just that much easier...

SO! main question is this: how can i keep my hair protected and moisturized when it is flat ironed? I've been trying to grow it out for about 2 years, but the only thing that seems to be helping is wearing cornrows for about 3 weeks and then wearing it flat ironed for a week (I just started that this summer).

My plan of attack is this:

Protein treatment-
ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor (to help with the heat damage) *i've never tried this, does anyone have any reviews for this product?*
Shampoo- Kinky Curly Come Clean with rosemary that I've added
Removal of Shed Hairs/Detangle- EVOO
Deep Condition- AOHSR with warmed jojoba oil, rosemary, tea tree oil and melted shea butter covered for an hour (for added moisture)
*should I add in aloe vera juice and/or coconut oil? I hear they're is great for moisture, and I need ALL the moisture I can get*

Here's where I REALLY need help:
What kind of heat protectant should I use before I blowdry? What kind of heat protetant should I use while I flat iron? and How do I keep my hair moisturized throughout the week?

The key thing for me is keeping my hair MOISTURIZED and PROTECTED without WEIGHING IT DOWN.

*phew* That was a lot! Thanks to any and all who can help me!