EPO - Evening Primrose Oil - a supplement

I find in the winter it flares up more as you arent getting air to the scalp - wearing hats, staying inside where the heater is on. So yes, by the ocean it is somewhat better. I lived in a more moisture area in Cali, and still had flare ups. Now i live in AZ - but think that using oil supplements internally that i listed above have helped. As well as hair brushing before shampooing

For shampoos - im using TJoes shampoo, and Giovanni Tea tree when i feel itchy, and Tsal/gel when its really bad. Find that frequent shampooing makes it worse. During some of my worst flare ups, had to use it every day or every other day, but it hasnt gotten that bad in a few years. Staying on top of it is crucial. Ive also noticed STRESS aggravates it. Sweat aggravates it. Too many products close to the scalp aggravates it. Bad Diet aggravates it. Just like any other part of the skin on your body.....

I havent tried any oil products on my scalp. Not sure if that would exasperate the problem or not. Maybe my age - maybe ive outgrown it some. I think ive just learned how to deal, using the Tea Tree Shampoo at the slightest hint, and using the Tgel/sal and leaving it on for a long time after brushing it really well - all these things have resulted in a more manageable scalp, for me.

I use Jessicurl products mostly......
3a long thick -botticelli hair when there is humidity
2c wavy w/curls if there isnt.
currently using Bioterra & KMF in winter
Jessicurl styling in summer
Natures Gate poo & condish
Thank you NC for bringing me back to curly!