I did something that worked extremely well yesterday and today and thought I'd share. Sorry if the topic title sounds like I found a new conditioner !

I've been using VO5 Tea Therapy to cowash with and GF Curl-n-Shine lately to condition. After co-washing, I put a big glob of the GF in to condition. I noticed, as I always have really, that my hair tends to absorb it and doesn't feel like it's too much. I thought, hmmm .. let me add more, which I did. My hair felt smooth and I decided to leave it all in. I'm talking about 2 huge blobs, not just a little.

I'd decided to try Ab-Star and Bailey's combo of Re:coil and Joico Ice Whip (that's what I have), scrunched with my mf towel and air dryed. Holy smokes! I had soft, shiny, bouncy curls/waves/ringlets and the best part was that my ends were defined unlike how they usually are. Plus I had volume which I definitely need.

Today I did the same and with the exception of putting a tad too much Re:coil in, have the same good hair day . All that conditioner left in doesn't weigh my hair down although my hair looks longer. I'd put up some pics but my digital needs a new battery or something.

I think leaving in a ton of conditioner despite the fact I have fine/thin hair is a must for me. I've always worried about overconditioning but was frustrated that the ends of my hair always ended up being a fluffy mess. I can't wait to try this with my other products.

Hope this helps someone else .
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