I've done three applications in the past 3 months to get my 4/a curls where i want them to be. Take one def didn't do it, and take two was eh. especially when frizz started to return 3 weeks into it....take 3 is right where i need to be. For me, the usage of any products containing the word sodium or citric acid seems to bring back frizz/reversion including the BB brand products which I guess are okay for BB users, but the disodium, i'm guessing, in the shampoo and anti frizz serum didn't help with my BKT. This time around I'm only using the la brasiliana leave in, my natural hair oils, and avacado and olive oil for DC. My shamoo will have to be the rejuvenol BKT shampoo, which is not sulfate free, but it is safe. I hope my hair grows now more too, shoot! lol...i'm taking msm and biotin too, so hope springs eternal. I'm getting married next summer and REALLY want a hair transformation.