I cut my hair last night and am far happier with the results than I've ever been with a salon cut, all for the price of $14.99 (what I paid for a pair of hair cutting scissors at Sally Beauty Supply). I didn't cut a lot since this was my first time, but the look I got was something no stylist has ever been able to achieve-soft, blended layers around my face and a nice fullness in the back at the bottom. Considering how little I cut (anywhere from 1/4" in the back to 1-1/2" in the front), I'm amazed at the new life my curls have-they're much more springy and have more movement. I'm going to live with it a few days and then maybe take off a bit more in the back.

I'll get my husband to help me with the technological side of things and try to get a picture posted-I'm pretty inept when it comes to that sort of thing.

Many thanks again for all your advice.
3b, happily curly.