B..Leave me alone...Just. Leave.Me.Alone.

You had a party in October you did not invite me..We have been friends for years..My grandmother was ill I was going thru a lot of stress, your tired, tacky,a$$ did not bother to call me when you were in town. I was stressed to the max..You did not invite me to your party, I could have used a break for an hour or more..So I said fine..You will get yours..Well you are getting it. Please don't blow up my cellphone with your calls in your pathetic winy little voice. Please do not leave messages on my parents line with your pathetic winy voice either..I do not want to talk to you at all. When you you had a death in your family I was the first one there for you, however you weren't there for me. I am tired of this one sided friendship, I should have dumped your trifling tacky a$$ a long time ago,I remember whenI was having hard time about something in my life and you wanted to dismiss me by talking about some tired trifling married man in you life..those hints were staring me right there in my face but I couldn't get rid of you, but I felt guilty and I was foolish enough to believe that people are friends forever. Do not ask me where I got this idea from.. Well I no longer want to be friends with you, baby consider yourself dumped. If you call someone and they do not return your calls tell me what do you think. When and if you come home onEaster, I will deal with you in person, right now is not the time. Bye B.