Yes, even though the dreaded sodium chloride is simple table salt and "sodium" alone in other chemical names doesn't mean the same thing chemically, I still avoid anything with sodium or potassium in the name, or even chloride (but don't quote me on that), for that matter. I think not using shampoo to wash--even low-poo--more than once or twice a month aids in the maintenance as well. I wash my hair every other day, and I exercise/sweat daily, too, but I don't get dripping sweaty--just at the scalp, so that's new growth anyway. I don't know if the salty sweat has any negative effect on the BKT; I imagine it would, so I just plan to redo roots every 3-4 weeks, and that takes care of new growth as well as any the previously BKT'd hair that is still a little too curly.

Baby fine, honey & caramel hilites, 4a/3c now 2b w/DIY BKT & LOVIN' it.
Cowash-V05 Extra Body
L'oreal EP Moisture-Rinse-out
BRHG mix w/
KCCC/KCKT (winter)
Clean-smelling-hair freak washes EOD; dry w/bowl diffuser
Cassia+henna+grays=Gold-red hilites
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I wondered if it tasted like a hot dog. ~Phoenix