I think you can just use the AVJ alone if you choose. I can't imagine why using it alone would be a problem, especially if you don't have access to some knot today. You can use it to make a spritz, just dilute it in water (not tap) 50:50 and maybe add some glycerine. I've read that its moisturizing and I don't doubt that because I really like to use the Oyin Handmade spritzes and those are based in aloe vera juice (along with some other good moisturizing ingredients).

I like kimmaytube but I don't find everything she creates or says to be natural hair law. I don't plan on using her "leave-in recipe". I like what the knot today does on its own.

At the end of the day though just know that there are a lot of options out here these days. You don't have to be married to one particular product if you don't want to. And you don't have to use a product just because there seems to be a bandwagon.