You are not alone. I was emailing with someone who also has citrus issues.

I think it depends on HOW MUCH, too. Some products use more.

I can't even eat too many oranges in a week, or I get hives, so it's not surprising I need to watch the oils.

I didn't order the highly reviewed Mary Dean Lemon smoothie product cause "lemon" did me in. hah. Same with the Kinky Curly pomade. Got good reviews, but not for me.

So many products I see for curls do have them. I also am sensitive to peaches, so I couldn't try the shampoo that they rave about--Elucence Moisture. Peach is in the first ingredient.

I also have to watch carefully if it has pineapple...

But I rotate a lot. I had to take a break for a while from my beloved Curl Junkie, cause I was using it a lot and developed sensitivities. (I suspect the mango ingredients, as I'm allergic to mango blossoms like crazy, sends me to the doctor, and I try not to expose myself to the skin of the fruit, though I can EAT it.)

So, yeah, I think you and I have lots of company, given how many report itchy scalp after using stuff like DevaCurl.
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