i dont wear my hair straight that often cuz it doesnt stay straight and then my day is ruined. but when it comes to guys..im 16 right but everyone thinks that im 19 or 20. apparently (so i've been told on multiple occasions) curly hair is a big turn on. but then again (and im not being racist) black or ethnic guys tend to LOVE girls with shoulder length or longer curly hair. white guys like straight hair.
so i guess it depends what kind of guy you go for to determine which way to wear your hair
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I agree, I think black guys are especially attracted to girls with curly hair no matter what your nationality is.
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I'm white and have been wearing my hair curly since summer, and at a summer band thing i met a few new people and one black guy was kinda joking around/flirting with me
although a couple of the white ones were too.....

Of course, I don't think that was because they thought much of me, they probably jsut thought it was funny because I'm quiet, and I played oboe, and no one knows what an oboe even is......

hahaha, that went off topic.
I'm 15 now but I don't get on often so I may be 67 by the time you read this.
My name is Sarah.
I come on here when I want hair advice because if you type in "curly hair" anywhere, all you get is advice on how to curl it. I used to get on here a lot when I was like, 12 or 13 (and first figuring out how to stop straightening my hair without being bullied), so if you happen to see some older posts of mine, shh. No judging.