i agree lots of the natural hair companies lean towards other curl patterns. i've stopped buying products from companies that do that. they want the money but then put 4b's in a closet.
i hate that miss jessie's does that. all there before shots and tutorials are designed to make 4b hair look its worst. its why i have never tried their products (the ingredients dont help either).

to be honest i'm 4-something but not sure, and i don't care. i love my lil fro
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Oh my, I haven't noticed that since I don't buy any products online. I'll have to visit that site and see the photos for myself, although with the way you described it, I'm angry with those companies already.

Another 4b here! I've noticed the same thing you have and that one sentence with the one patch of 4b always burned me up inside. I'm glad somebody else noticed lol
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Oh good, so I'm not crazy. lol. I know some people who do that don't mean to be offensive at all, but it still kind of strikes a nerve with me.

Could it be that the 4bs are just the least prone to go natural?


And to answer the question, yes I do. I feel left out when people are talking about "defining curls." What curls? lol. But at the same time, it's a relief, because I just have to worry about keeping my hair healthy.
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I totally know what you mean. While I do get curl definition from time to time, it's never intentional and I usually end up frizzing it up anyway. If I want super defined curls, that's what twist/braid/bantu knot outs are for. =)

Wanted to add another blogger whose hair isn't so much on the curlier side of things (imo). http://targetqueen.blogspot.com/2010...purchases.html
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Oh my goodness, her hair is GORGEOUS. Hair. Envy. I hope I can get a fierce fro like that someday.